Holistic Dog Care

This is Snickerdoodle! www.buttercuppuppies.com
This is Snickerdoodle!

This blog is to guide you and help you choose a healthy puppy and once you get him home, how to take care of him holistically, so he can either become healthy, depending on where he came from, or keep him healthy.

I will be covering many topics on this blog and some of the holistic information may be new to you. Many of you may be living this way already, holistically that is, and you may be familiar with many of the things I will be talking about. That is great! You are off to a good start!

I will be covering things like: why immunizations for puppies and dogs is harmful, why we need to think twice about getting our pet spayed or neutered, why heart worm preventatives and flea preventatives are extremely toxic to our pets, plus many more things.

Take a look at my sister site for even more topics covered and puppies needing new homes too! Plus, you can just start off with it for now!!



Holistically Raised Puppies

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